The SEO checklist: 4 step your website optimization

//The SEO checklist: 4 step your website optimization

The SEO checklist: 4 step your website optimization

The SEO and online marketing specialist, Jon Rognerud explains, How to create an optimized Web site and obtain the highest rank of all the search engine. In this edited excerpt, the author outlines a broad strategy to optimize successful websites.

The purpose of search engine optimization, European spider of the search engines to your Web site and pages not only to seek out, the relevance of the page rank but also makes it, at the top of the search engine results display, first 10. The optimization is not a one-time process, but maintenance, continuous testing and tuning, and requires.

Below is a four-step process in a wide range of search engine optimization strategy.

1. step: Were business analysis

  • Weboldalelemzés . The meta-parts/keywords, the visible text and code analysis to determine, What is clearly visible to search engines. For example,, how much code is the text on the page?
  • Comparative analysis . Content keywords ranking and competitive Web sites. To begin the process to find out the results of the first five search results results. If necessary, expand. Use of tools, as the and the
  • Initial keyword marking . Clients and market segments related to the development of a list of targeted search terms highlighted. Start with this: What are you typing the search engine, to find your site or page, business? Then ask your customers!

2. step: Kulcsszókutatás and development

  • Keyword analysis . Define the keywords and phrases, make a list of. The keywords and phrases, plural form of each and highlight the numbers and spellings. (Users often mistakenly write a keyword, You can use it). Please, Note, Google to try to fix the term search, Therefore, use caution.
  • Ranking ranking . A simple check in Excel, drive your keyword positions. The webhelyforgalomnak still must be improved. Some optimization say, to the ranking, place is dead. Yes, traffic and conversions are more important, but the rankings as indicators used.
  • Goals and objectives . Clearly define goals in advance, to really test your SEO ROI. Example: I would like to, traffic to the Web site daily 100 a visitor from 200 you are certain to grow in the next 30 during the day or you may, a given period of time 2 per cent 4 percent increase on the current conversion rate.

3. step: content optimization

  • Create page titles . The kulcsszóalapú ads help create the site theme and direction of the keywords.
  • Create meta keywords . The keywords can affect the clicks, but the search engine is no longer directly use the score. (Google no longer uses the keywords.)
  • Place on the strategic search terms . In the past, recommended 100-300 words on a page. Many test shows, that 800-2000 so are outweighing the pages with rövidebbeket. Finally, the users, the marketplace, the content and links to determine the popularity and number of rangsorszámok.
  • Create a new sitemaps for Google and Bing . It makes it easier for search engines to index your Web site. All the XML, both versions of the HTML creation. The HTML version is the first step. The XML-Sitemaps can easily be sent to Google and Bing using webmaster tools.
  • Submit your website to the linkkatalógusokba (limited use) . The professional search marketers do not offer the URL in the form, but it is possible. The acquired through links in the search engines find your Web site.

4. step: Continuous testing and measurement

  • Test and measurement . Analyze your search engine ranking and Web traffic, to determine the effectiveness, including an assessment of the performance of individual keywords. Examine the results, and keep track of the changes in the Excel table.
  • Maintenance . The keyword and website content updating and modification is required in order to improve the search engine ranking for the continuous. It is important to, the inbound and outbound links are relevant for your business. A blog helps structure and easy content version, to be added to, what you need is. A hosting companies tend to help the blog installation, These companies also have automatic blog Setup.
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