The SEO Checklist: 4 steps to optimize your site

//The SEO Checklist: 4 steps to optimize your site

The SEO Checklist: 4 steps to optimize your site

A SEO és az online marketing szakértője, Jon Rognerud presents, how to create an optimized website and obtain the highest rank of all the search engine. In this edited extract from the author outlines a broad strategy to successfully optimize websites.

The objective of Search Engine Optimization, that the search engine spiders not only to find the site and pages, but also makes you rank the relevance of the page, to appear at the top of search engine results, top 10. The optimization is not a single process, but maintenance, It requires continuous tuning and testing and monitoring.

The following four-step process in a wide range of search engine optimization strategy.

1. step: Target market analysis, business

  • website Analysis . The meta-parts / keywords, the visible text and code analysis to determine, what is clearly visible to the search engines. for example, how much code is compared to the text of the page?
  • Comparative analysis . testing and competitive rankings of the website content keywords. To start the process, find out the top five search results results results from the expand as needed. Use devices, as and
  • Initial marking tag . priority list of customers and targeted search terms related to the development of market segments. start with: What would write in the viewfinder, to find your site or pages, business? Then ask your customers!

2. step: Keyword Research and Development

  • Keyword Analysis . Identify the keywords and phrases, készítsen listát. A kulcsszavak és kifejezések, Highlighting the singular and plural numbers and spelling. (Users often mistakenly prescribed a keyword, you can use it). please, note, Google will try to correct the course of your search term, so use caution.
  • The rankings rankings . A simple Excel check, vezesse a kulcsszó pozíciókat. A webhelyforgalomnak mindig javulnia kell. Egyes optimalizálók azt mondják, that ranking, Rank dead. Again, Traffic and conversions are more important, but the rankings are used as indicators.
  • Goals and Objectives . Clearly define goals ahead, hogy valóban mérje a SEO megtérülését. LEGS; ltd: I want, Daily traffic to your web site 100 látogatóról 200 increase access to these visitors 30 During the day, or you may, for a given period 2 percent 4 percent increase in the current conversion rate.

3. step: content optimization

  • Create Page Titles . The keyword-based addresses will help create a theme and direction of the page for keywords.
  • Create meta keywords . The keywords can affect your clicks, but the search is no longer used directly for ranking. (Google will no longer use the keywords.)
  • Place the pages of a strategic search terms . A múltban ajánlott 100-300 word on a page. Numerous test shows, that 800-2000 pages with words outweigh the short ones. Finally, users, the marketplace, Content and links to determine the popularity and the number of ranking numbers.
  • Create a new sitemaps for Google and Bing . It makes it easier for search engines to index your site. All XML, Create and HTML versions. The HTML version is the first step. XML sitemaps can easily be sent via Google and Bing webmaster tools.
  • Submitting your website link catalogs (limited use) . A professional search engine marketers do not recommend this URL to search engines, de lehetséges. A megszerzett linkeken keresztül a keresők megtalálják a weboldalt.

4. step: Ongoing testing and measurement

  • Test and measurement . Analyze the search engines rankings and web traffic, to determine the effectiveness, including an evaluation of the performance of each keyword. Examine the results, and keep track of the changes in Excel table.
  • Maintenance . Constant updating and modification of the contents of the keyword and site needed to continuously improve the ranking of search engines. Important, the incoming and outgoing links are relevant to your business. A blog helps ease the required structure and content of application, adding, which desperately needs. A hosting Companies usually help the blog installation, you can also setup automated blog aforementioned company.
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