• Price Optimization Success Award: keywords, competition Assessment, We can develop after determining, as an example: For moderate keyword: 1-3 place 10 000 Ft. + VAT / month / Keyword, 4-7 for rank 7 000 Ft. + VAT / month / Keyword, 8-10 for rank 5 000 HUF + VAT / month / Keyword, just 1-10 We charge a success fee for placing.
  • Setting up a new website and promotion: 100 – 200 000 between € + VAT, Details of the package is worked out together, We guarantee results! pl. 3 the first word 5 place 6 within months…
  • website analysis, option as well as a viewfinder, In order to better conversion: 40 000 € + VAT / website
  • guidance: 30 000 Ft./Áfa/hó/weboldal
  • Vulgarization: Only relevant catalogs 400 HUF + VAT / link recommendations (acceptance rate 90% it is surrounded)
  • Vulgarization: Registration on social networking sites and sharing a home 300 HUF + VAT / page

The search engine optimization is a very complex work, not easy to define the outgoing job, not available. all claims, The purpose different and unique customer, not a template that would be determined based on the cost of SEO. exact price, We can make an offer after the free survey. Nevertheless, Without some information is not limited to price.


He must know, that successful SEO, like all the successful marketing of continuity Este!

So these charges are informative, yet they see the costs occasioned by approximately Optimization.


free survey, Offer e-mail request.

Write to how we can help, Our short and long-term plan.

Free website analysis!

The short side elemzes.seohun.hu, create a free website analysis.
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