Google is YouTube's new look and new features

//Google is YouTube's new look and new features

Google is YouTube's new look and new features

Changes in the sequence of process goes Habana YouTube, among which the most noticeable new look, with a new logo.

new features

YouTube works, to create new solutions to the surface.

The table service is finally coming to mobile. Users can now speed up or slow down video playback.

When viewing the video in full-screen mode, a new feature appears, that displays a set of recommended videos.


The navigation tabs moved to the bottom of the screen on your mobile, thus closer to the users thumb.

The YouTube video player alters its shape and adapts to the aspect ratio of the video you wish to view.

The desktop version of YouTube with the possibility of extended, You can switch to light the dark subject matter.

finally, but not least, YouTube has a new logo and icon. The company claims, It is designed to, to work better on different devices.

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