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Why change the Google ranking?

Once above, at other times, below, Why change the ranking?

Perhaps one of the questions, which is most concerned about search engine optimization and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) like: Why is changing constantly ranking for certain keywords? It is not easy to answer, Since the classification is due to a number of factors. Some things, however, are you sure, or at least likely to set in this regard. Now here we have collected these findings.

1) Normal continuous change in the ranking

Like it or not, but the SEO World of the search engines section – especially at Google – is extremely important factor in the ranking achieved. This is especially true for the first 20 location, Since many research demonstrates, to the majority of users will choose this results. Most of the website owner is one of the indicators of success, for a given keyword or kulcskifejezésre the number space also managed to reach the list of search results in search results.

Usually the, the only constant factor in the world of search engine optimization: the continuous change! Why would this otherwise, "miniature", the different keywords?! On the subject of research, and site analysis showed: No matter *, or unnatural ranking 4-5 or even 6 to change location. Especially not, If we offer a wide range of products on our website. For example, you may have, that we sell pants 3 seats are forward, but at the same time calming teas 4 space, While conflict management books 7 Maybe space. However, there is nothing unusual in this, so no point panicking without complacency. (Besides desperation usually fatal errors, or, even worse, the forbidden, feketekalapos SEO the use of lead.)

In short,: as a number of other economic or other phenomenon in the case of, Here, too, we must take into account the trend. To act so only necessary, If more than one product or group of five reasons for the trendszerűen.

2) Impact on users can change the search patterns.

As in many cases, the keresőoptimalizálásnál is the secret of success: read between the lines! Try to peek at the data behind the rankings, and to understand the success, the real causes of the failure or. There is no doubt, that will not be easy to do, Since the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) the art of many of the ismeretlenes equation.

Not only from our site, but the Google, the competition, in fact, users can change the behaviour of. Of course, each one important factor, However, the final word in anyway they say out, who are looking for the site, or more other sites such, that is to say: users!

Their behavior depends largely on the, to access a specific folder what impacts them. For example, you may have, that particular product we, then one has a new movie came out about this product will talk about the main character. Which, You can change the, the looking for patterns. Our users new effects immediately, for example, the desire of stimuli that will non-text content, but YouTube videos they are looking for. Consequently, we must also change the protection techniques with search engine optimization so far.

3) We examine not only the change in the ranking!

The measurement of the effectiveness of our Web site to browse through too many ranking indicator exists. Among them are the two most widely used is the so-called ROI indicator, as well as the conversion rate.

Originally the ROI indicator (Return On Investment) financial indicator was, but now the keresőmarketingben is also used to assess the performance of the Web site. Report similar, as in the case of companies, that will show you, to the extent to which the investments profitable. For example, in the case of paid ads számszerűsíthetjük, that a user clicked how many forints.

Another metric conversion, also known as click-through rate, that shows you, What percentage of those coming to the website, bought something. Of course, the conversion can also be broader. (For example,, not only the order, but the owner of the website any contact or newsletter signups, You can view conversion of sub-pages.) According to the scientific literature on the various SEO conversion adopted 3-5 % range. Typically the 3 percentage below consider, to rethink our ideas about the website and linképítéssel.

4) Let's look at the long term results!

There is a saying, that: "If a tree planted, patience is required. Do not drag it out of the ground on a daily basis, to view, how much increase in the roots. " It also fits with the wisdom of the keresőoptimalizálásra. We should also note, that SEO is not rövidtávfutás, that is, the results only in the long term you may want to look at. Of course, You can see from day to day, or even from week to week, How did the rangsorolásunk. Take into account, however,, that, as has been previously mentioned, the page ranking can change quickly. Otherwise, the expected results, we will be only non-frustrated, in the short term because of the low return on investment, and probably we will give your search engine optimization efforts. Let's look at more six months or even years of changes in the rankings data specialist. If you are in this situation, we, that we have right now for more than one keyword ranking, than before, We consider that SEO strategy.

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