Four devices in-house marketing team building

//Four devices in-house marketing team building

Four devices in-house marketing team building

The SEO community for years of poor quality, outdated and struggling simply incorrect content.

In many cases, the new SEO articles are made on the basis of outdated and thus misleading advice.

It is certainly difficult today to find a very valuable guides – usually give advice repackaged again and again.

Four is a tool to help solve these problems.

1. Zest .

The curators of, marketing community moderators and administrators, who choose to marketing content, to publish only the best.

one of the Google Chrome Extensions : Just install it and try it out. Down the content quality will impress. Each article is a gem!


  • Search by content filtering and labels
  • You can filter feed between media types, only video- display or audio
  • Arrange the most recent feed, According clicked or shared items

In addition, it can share each article on the community media (your followers will be grateful),

Zest trello

From now I recommend the Zest was everyone, who are looking for quality content marketing.

2. Serpstat

a confession: I do not believe in learning and playing without action. Here I began to use SEO tools and learned what SEO is and I still think, it is the only way of learning.

Serpstat tool

what good …:

  • The tools are powerful and comprehensive
  • The keyword research tools and competing frighteningly good.
  • Report on the page pretty thorough, but it will work just fine for newcomers, You will see the SEO mistakes
  • The rank and backlink tracking devices are reliable and well-designed

Overall, there is a need for a device, Allowing, the in-house SEO team have a day game. With this reach.

3. Buzzsumo Trends and Alerts

While Zest will help to achieve the highest quality articles, Buzzsumo the help of trends and news monitoring.

  • You can set alerts to common words, sample “SEO”, a “content marketing” etc.… These links to forward e-mail
  • Buzzsumo ” picked up , display current articles on any topic

Buzzsumo trends

Buzzsumo a “trends score” use metrics, allowing the popular content recognition before the state picked up.

4. Trello

If a team uses Zest was the marketing reading, you can add articles Trellóhoz Zest compared to the dashboard, which is pretty awesome.

I know, Trello that is not appropriate for everyone. I saw a lot of people, who do not like to use anything. There are plenty of other productivity tool here is a list , So choose an alternative.

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